Increase sales

Cubics CRM is a cloud-based solution, whereby you are able to control all stages of a sales process, additionally allowing you to see the data regarding clients, deals, notes, notifications, and information about your staff and their efficiency.

Fascinating possibilities

Tools that help you to be informed about every single action happening in your company

Customer database

Systemized customer database, customer list, segmentation, and search by segments.


Notification for managers. In order not to leave anyone behind and not to forget anything.


The history of made purchases of each customer: When you know what a client purchased you will know what to offer.

Custom fields

One of the most interesting and useful features of the CRM is a flexible functionality of custom fields. A user can create fields which are configured the way he wants. You can edit, import, delete those fields and can make search by them.


This functionality enables you to analyze the company's sales processes.

Successful, unsuccessful or unfinished deals, tasks, sent e-mails, SMS, calls, etc.

In addition to that, you will be able to develop your marketing and ad strategy by comparing and analyzing the revenue stream.

SMS and E-mail services

From now on you will be able to send SMS and e-mail notifications using the CRM software.

You can send as many notifications as you want.

Take advantage of cloud technologies

Equip your company with the latest business tools

By subscribing to a contact, company, deal or staff member you will receive all notifications about them.

You can upload documents and contracts related to clients, deals to the unified cloud-based system.

Information about each company and contact will be placed on their page in the CRM.

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Product Pricing

Start using - free for 14 days

49 per month

1-3 users

Storage 500MB

Free technical support

Free update

SMS and E-mail

Virtual PBX

99 per month

3-7 users

Storage 2GB

Free technical support

Free update

SMS and E-mail

Virtual PBX

199 per month

7-14 users

Storage 6GB

Free technical support

Free update

SMS and E-mail

Virtual PBX


About The Company

Cubics Technology LLC - is an Azerbaijani company, which develops software for businesses using the latest technologies. Our goal - unite many various features with the simplicity in use and to deliver the best solution for you.

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